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The morning is fair, and the Expedition travels from Tongue Point to the site where they will build Fort Clatsop. The hunters return without York, Clark's slave, so Clark waits in one of the canoes for him to catch up.

we assended a river which falls in on the South Side of this Bay 3 miles to the first point of high land on the West Side, the place Capt. Lewis had viewed and formed in a thick groth of pine about 200 yards from the river,
this situation is on a rise about 30 feet higher than the high tides leavel and thickly Covered with lofty pine.
this is certainly the most eligable Situation for our purposes of any in its neighbourhood.

William Clark

Fort Clatsop site

Coastal marsh with ferns and cattails in front of a small forested hill

at this place of Encampment We propose to build & pass the winter
the waves verry high, as much as our Canoes Could bear

William Clark

Clark's plan for Fort Clatsop

Drawing of walls and dimensions of a fort with 7 rooms

Meriwethers Bay is about 4 miles across deep & receves 2 rivers the Kil how-â-nah-kle and the Ne tul and Several Small Creeks

William Clark

Youngs Bay

Stormy clouds with sunbreaks over a small bay fed by two rivers

We proceeded on to a deep bay about 8 Miles, & went up a River, which was about 100 yards wide
We then unloaded our Canoes & carried all our baggage, about 200 yards to piece a rising ground in a thicket of tall pine Trees

Joseph Whitehouse

Netul Landing, Lewis and Clark River

Coastal River at high tide on a sunny morning