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Today's storm prevents the Expedition from leaving Tongue Point and a flood tide forces them to move to higher ground. Clark finds the smoke bothersome, likely from burning wood that has drifted in salty water or is wet and green.

From the journals...

At noon it rained very hard, and the tide flowed so high, that in some part of our camp the water was a foot deep: we had therefore to remove to higher ground.

Patrick Gass

Tongue Point and the mouth of the Columbia River

Aerial photo the Tongue Point and the Columbia River mouth

Brubaker Aerial Survey, May 6, 1929 NARA Pacific Alaska Revioun (Seattle), RG77, Portland District (Altered).

A rainey disagreeable morning, & the Wind continued high...

Joseph Whitehouse

Smoke exceedingly disagreeable.

William Clark

Early morning at Tongue Point

A very wide river with low clouds on a dark and stormy morning