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While Lewis explores the southern bays and rivers at the mouth of the Columbia, the rest of the Expedition remains at Tongue Point. The hunters return with the elk meat, and eight Indians sell Wapato bulbs. Sacagawea renders elk tallow.

From the journals...

a fair windey morning wind from the East

William Clark

Tongue Point

A small point of land jutting out into calm, blue water

an Indian Canoe of 8 Indians Came too, those Inds. are on their way down to the Clât Sops with Wap pa to to barter with that nation, I purchasd. a fiew of those roots for which I gave Small fish hooks

William Clark

Clatsop village near Tongue Point

Clatsop Indians arriving in a canoe at a lodge near Tongue Point

Painting by Roger Cooke on an interpretive sign on the Astoria Riverwalk trail.

those roots I eate with a little Elks Soupe which I found gave me great relief
the Squar choped the bones fine boiled them and extracted a pint of Grease

William Clark

Clatsop village near Tongue Point

A small wapato bulb cut in two resembling a potato