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Lewis leads a party in the Indian canoe down the river to find a place to build winter quarters. The others remain at Tongue Point near present Astoria. The men, and likely Sacagawea, dry their leather and prepare it to make new clothing.

The Shore below the point at our Camp is formed of butifull pebble of various colours.

William Clark

Tongue Point shore

Rocky shore on the Columbia River

Photo ©2015 Mark Gibson and used with permission.

send out the hunters they killed 4 deer 2 brant a goos and seven ducks

Meriwether Lewis

all the others engaged drying their leather before the fire, and prepareing it for use—

William Clark

Brain-tanned deer hide

White brain-tanned deer hide

the wind being so high the party were unable to proceed with the perogues. I determined therefore to proceed down the river on it's E. side in surch of an eligible place for our winters residence and accordingly set out early this morning in the small canoe accompanyed by 5 men.

Meriwether Lewis

Youngs Bay

A dark and stormy day on Youngs Bay

I observe but fiew birds of the Small kind, great numbers of wild fowls of Various kinds, the large Buzzard with white wings, grey and bald eagle's, large red tailed Hawks, ravens & Crows in abundance, the blue Magpie, a Small brown bird which frequents logs & about the roots of trees—

William Clark

Red-tailed hawk, Buteo jamaicensis

Large predator bird

Bird provided by Blue Mountain Wildlife.