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The Expedition waits out a 'perfect storm' in a 'disagreeable' situation near present Astoria, Oregon. The hunters find the surrounding country difficult to penetrate. The hunters find no game, and the Corps must eat pounded fish.

From the journals...

the pieces of Sales & tents So full of holes & rotten that they will not keep any thing dry,
O! how disagreeable is our Situation dureing this dreadfull weather.

William Clark

Tongue Point

Point of thick forested land jutting out into the river

The hunters returned, not having killed any kind of game. They mentioned that they had found the Country very broken, & so thicketty that it was impossible to hunt in it. The wind rose from the North West & became a perfect storm

Joseph Whitehouse

Thick forest on Tongue Point

Thick timber and brush nearly blocking the view of a swamp