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The Expedition canoes through the shallow waters of the Columbia River's southern shore. They attempt to go around present Tongue Point, Oregon, but are forced to take shelter on land. The rains continue and they are 'wet and disagreeable.'

From the journals...

we proceeded on between many Small Islands passing a Small river...and around a verry remarkable point which projects about 1½ Miles directly towards the Shallow bay....we call this Point William

William Clark

Tongue Point

Isthmus projecting out into the Columbia River

Sketch by Henry Warre, 1845. Columbia River. Tongue Point. Looking up the River from Fort George.

one Canoe Split before we Got her out of the Water 2 feet—
The water at our Camp Salt that above the isthmus fresh and fine—

William Clark

Oregon shore, Columbia River mouth

Low islands flooded by the tide with two projections of land in the distance