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Near Pillar Rock, the Expedition crosses the Columbia River in their dugout canoes. They travel several miles down the southern shore camping near present, Svenson, Oregon. Several Cathlamet visit to sell fish and wapato at good prices.

Great numbers of Swan Geese Brant Ducks & Gulls in this great bend which is Crouded with low Islands covered with weeds grass &c. and overflowed every flood tide

William Clark

Lewis and Clark Wildlife Refuge, Oregon shore, Columbia River

Low islands flooded by the Columbia River at high tide

we had rain all the day
all wet and disagreeable
a bad place to Camp
all around this great bend is high land thickly timbered brushey & almost impossible to penetrate

William Clark

Columbia River shore, Oregon side

Rocky shore and thick forest along the Columbia River

We continued on still down the River; the day being wet, cold and very disagreeable.

Joseph Whitehouse

Columbia River at the Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge

Rocky shore and thick forest along the Columbia River

they ask emence prices for what they have to Sel Blue Beeds is their great trade
they are fond of Clothes or blankits of Blue red or brown

William Clark

Blue beads, linen, and trade blanket

Blue beads, navy blue linen, and a gray wool blanket