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The Expedition paddles several miles east to avoid crossing the wide Columbia River at its mouth. Along the way, they see Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens. Near present Altoona, they attempt to cross the river, but are stopped by high waves.

we proceeded on...up the North Side to near the place of our Encampment of the 7th Instant and encamped after night
The evening cloudy

William Clark

Columbia River near Pillar Rock

Small rock with a tree in the Columbia River near Pillar Rock

Several Indians Come up from below, we loaded and Set out up the river,
The Swells too high to cross the river, agreeabley to our wish

William Clark

Columbia River near Altoona, Washington

Wide river silhouetted by large black rocks

Mt. St. Hilians Can be Seen from the mouth of this river.

William Clark

Mt. St. Helens from Little Cape Horn, Columbia River

Snow-clad glacier peaking rising above a wide river