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Several Indians, including the Clatsop from across the Columbia, visit Station Camp. Clark describes the Chinook. Most of the Indians leave midday when it begins to rain again. Sacagawea is given a wool coat for her belt of blue beads.

The wind blew so violent to day, and the waves ran so high, that we could not set out on our return, which it is our intention to do as soon as the weather and water permit.

Patrick Gass

Columbia River near Meglar

Columbia River from Meglar on a dark, stormy day

The nation on the opposit Side is Small & Called Clap-sott,
we gave to the men each a pece of ribin

William Clark

Chinook plank house

Drawing of a Chinook plank house

we gave the Squar a Coate of Blue Cloth for the belt of Blue Beeds we gave for the Sea otter Skins purchased of an Indian.

William Clark

Blue blanket coat

Coat made from a dark blue wool blanket

maney of the men have blankets of red blue or Spotted Cloth or the common three & 2½ point blankets

William Clark

Three point trade blanket

Gray trade blanket with 3 small blue stripes (points)

We purchased Cramberies Mats verry netely made of flags and rushes, Some roots, Salmon and I purchased a hat made of Splits & Strong grass, which is made in the fashion which was common in the U States two years ago also Small baskets to hold Water made of Split and Straw

William Clark

Woven mat

Woven mat

The Sea Otter is plenty, between this and the great falls of the Columbia River; but are very difficult to be got. They are rarely to be caught in traps, & when shot they sink immediately, which makes the procuring of them so difficult

Joseph Whitehouse