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Clark's group joins the others at Station Camp near present Chinook, Washington. Chiefs Comcomly and Shelathwell are given medals and a flag. An Indian trades two sea otter skins for the belt of blue beads worn by Sacagawea.

I was overtaken by three Indians one of them gave me Some dried Sturgeon and a fiew wappato roots,
found maney of the Chin nooks with Capt. Lewis of whome there was 2 Cheifs Com com mo ly & Chil-lar-la-wil

William Clark

Dried sturgeon and wapato bulbs

Thick fish filet and small potato-like bulbs

This day continued clear and pleasant throughout.

Patrick Gass

Baker Bay sunrise at Station Camp

A sunny break on Baker Bay

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Capt. Clarke and his party returned to camp.... They killed a remarkably large buzzard, of a species different from any I had seen. It was 9 feet across the wings, and 3 feet 10 inches from the bill to the tail.

Patrick Gass

California condor, Gymnogyps californianus

California Condor: a very large, black bird with a large beak

Photo: Dec 11, 2006 by Chuck Szmurlo
Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

one of the Indians had on a roab made of 2 Sea Otter Skins the fur of them were more butifull than any fur I had ever Seen
both Capt. Lewis & my Self endeavored to purchase the roab with differant articles
at length we precured it for a belt of blue beeds which the Squar-wife of our interpreter Shabono wore around her waste.

William Clark

Otter skin

Tan otter fur with white and black highlights