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Clark leads a large group of men by land around present Baker Bay near the mouth of the Columbia River. They climb a high rock, present McKenzie Head, to view the ocean. Lewis, Sacajawea, and others remain at Station Camp.

Cloudy. Capt. Clark myself and 10 more of the party   Set out in order to go down and see the passiffic ocean. we proceeded on round Hailys bay   crossed two Rivers in Sd. bay.

John Ordway

Baker (Halley's) Bay

Boggy sea grass on a coastal bay

I set out at day light with 10 men & my Sevent, Shabano, Sergt. Pryer odderway Jos. & R. Fields Shannon Colter, wiser, Lebiech & york proceeded on Down the Shore from the 1st point
N. W 6 miles to a lodge at the enterance of a river on the Std. in the middle of a boggey Bay

William Clark

Mouth of the Chinook River

Mouth of Chinook River at high tide

the countrey low open and Slashey, with elivated lands interspersed covered with pine & thick under groth

William Clark

Spruce branch on the Wallacut River

Wet tree branch framing thick undergrowth

I assended a high Seperate bald hill Covered with long corse grass & Seperated from the hight of Country by a Slashey bottom 2 miles S. 60 W of the Cape—

William Clark

McKenzie Head

Historic photo of a large, bald head jutting into the ocean

Those hills are founded on rocks & waves brake with great fury against them,
men appear much Satisfied with their trip beholding with estonishment the high waves dashing against the rocks & this emence ocian

William Clark

Atop McKenzie Head

Painting of Clark and others viewing the Pacific Ocean

Painting by Roger Cooke on an interpretive sign at McKenzie Head.

the Cape is a high Partly bald hill, founded on rock

William Clark

Pacific Ocean viewed from McKenzie Head

Ocean waves crashing in to large rocks

towards evening we arived at the Cape disapointment on the Sea Shore. went over a bald hill where we had a handsom view of the ocean.

John Ordway

Cape Disappointment viewed from McKenzie Head

The Coast from the Cape N W is open for a Short distance back then it becomes thick piney Countrey intersperced with ponds

William Clark

Beard's Hollow

Pond near the ocean