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Lewis returns to Station Camp near present McGowan, Washington without finding any traders or ships. Several Chinook visit with 'presents' of wapato and seashore lupine roots. Clark assembles a group to explore the Pacific beach.

We had a fine pleasant clear morning, and 6 hunters went out. About noon they all came in; but the hunter who remained out last night, did not return. He had killed 2 deer, and the other men brought them in with some brants and a deer they had killed.

Patrick Gass

the name of the nation is Chin-nook and is noumerous live principally on fish roots a fiew Elk and fowls.
Capt Lewis returned haveing travesed Haleys Bay to Cape Disapointment

William Clark

Cape Disappointment

Historic sketch of a small bay to the left of the large rock

Sketch by Henry Warre 'Cape Disappointment from the Anchorage' in 1845 (altered).

There are but few Indians settled down about the seashore; their dress is similar to that of some of those above. The women have a kind of fringe petticoats, made of filaments or tassels of the white cedar bark wrought with a string at the upper part, which tied round the waist.

Patrick Gass

Chaw-u-wit, Daughter of a chief at Suck

Sunlight on a coastal meadow

Painting of a Clallam girl by Paul Kane based on sketches made in 1847.

a Canoe came up with roots mats &c. to Sell. those Chinnooks made us a present of a rute boiled much resembling the common liquorice in taste and Size...

William Clark

Seashore lupine, Lupinus littoralis

Long pink and purple petals

Photo by Gordon Leppig & Andrea J. Pickart, a work of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Capt. Lewis and party returned to Camp also, and informed us that they had been about 30 miles down which took them on the Sea Shore and a verry bad road the most of the way. they Saw the harbour where the vessells had lain but they were all gone.—

John Ordway

Our officers named this Cape Cape disappointment on account of not finding Vessells there.—

Joseph Whitehouse

Baker Bay from Cape Disappointment (Columbia River)

Shallow bay viewed from a coastal forest on a gray day

Fucus From the mouth of the Columbia River on the Pacific Ocean. Novb: 17th 1805

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Feather boa kelp, Egregia menziesii

Seaweed with edible bulbs

Photo ©Leslie Seaton. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the Creative Commons 2.0 License.