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Clark's group settles in at Station Camp while Lewis' group is ahead looking for trading ships. The morning is fair, and Clark is able to see Saddle Mountain across the Columbia. Cargo is unpacked and dried. The hunters bring in fresh meat.

this morning Clear and butifull; I had all our articles of every discription examined and put out to Dry.

William Clark

Station Camp Sunrise

Sunrise over a wide river

one man Sick with a violent Cold, Caught by lying in his wet Clothes, Several nights
our hunters and fowlers killd 2 Deer 1 Crane & 2 ducks

William Clark

Station Camp

A small clearing in a coastal forest

on the Lard Side from Point Adams the Contrey appears low for 15 or 20 miles back to the mountains,
a pinical of which now is Covered with Snow or hail,
as the opposit is too far distant to be distinguished well, I Shall not attempt to describe any thing on that Side at present.

William Clark

Saddle Mountain and the Coast Range

Snow capped peak in the clouds

The Countrey on the Stard Side above Haley Bay is high broken and thickley timbered

William Clark

Willapa Hills above Station Camp

Hills above a wide, gray river

A Small Shrub about 4 feet high with a Small deep purple berry, evergreen! Near the Pacific Ocean Novbr: 16th 1805

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Oregon boxleaf, Paxistima myrsinites

Bush with sharp green leaves resembling holly

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.