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The day becomes fair, and at 3 pm, Clark is finally able to move the canoes and baggage around present Point Ellice. They make a comfortable camp they would later name Station Camp. Lewis is ahead looking for ships and traders.

Rained all the last night, this morning it became Calm and fair

William Clark

Columbia River at Point Ellice

Sun breaking through rain clouds on the rocky Columbia River shore

The Sun Shown untill 1 oClock P M which afford us time to Dry our bedding and examine the baggage which I found nearly all wet

William Clark

Columbia River mouth (looking east)

Beautiful blue skies over a wide, blue river

I preposed Setting out, and ordered the Canoes Repared and loaded; before we could load our canoes the wind Sudenly Sprung up from the S. E and blew with Such violence, that we could not proceed in Safty with the loading. I proceeded to the point in an empty Canoe, and found that the waves dashed against the rocks with Such violence that I thought it unsave to Set out with the loaded Canoes—

William Clark

Columbia River waves [video]

in full view of the Ocian from Point Adams to Cape Disapointment

William Clark

View from Station Camp

View of Point Adams and Cape Disappointment from Station Camp

The Indians Speake a Different language The Call themselves Chin nooks,
our men all Comfortable in their Camps which they have made of boards from the old Village above.

William Clark

Station Camp

Grassy coastal meadow framed by a Chinook building

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Station Camp.