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The rain continues. Clark climbs the mountain above their camp, but clouds obstruct his view of the Columbia River mouth and Pacific Ocean. Colter is sent around present Point Ellice, across from Astoria, Oregon, to find a better location.

The rain continuing and weather proved So Cloudy that I could not See any distance

William Clark

Columbia River near the Dismal Nitch

Waves pounding a rocky shore on a gray day

we are in a Cove & the Mountains verry high & Pine Spruce verry high & thick
I saw a Small red Berry which grows on a Stem of about 6 or 8 Inches from the Ground, the taste insipid.

William Clark

Devil's club, Oplopanax horridus

Devil's Club: Large leaves, thorny stalk and stems, and a few small, red berries

Photo date: July 2005 by Stan Shebs. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

I walked up the Brook & assended the first Spur of the mountain with much fatigue, the distance about 3 miles, through an intolerable thickets of Small pine, a groth much resembling arrow wood on the Stem of which there is thorns; this groth about 12 or 15 feet high inter lockd into each other and Scattered over the high fern & fallen timber, added to this the hills were So Steep that I was compelled to draw my Self up by the assistance of those bushes—

William Clark

Stream at Dismal Nitch

Small coastal stream in a second-growth forest