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At 3 pm, the winds and waves subside, and the Corps sets out. They make about 10 miles before they are forced to shelter in a small 'nitch' where a creek enters the Columbia River. They camp on drift logs with wet clothes and bedding.

From the journals...

the waves became So high that we were compelled to return about 2 miles to a place we Could unload our Canoes, which we did in a Small nitch

William Clark

Columbia River near Knappton Cove

Historic painting of the Lewis and Clark paddling to the Dismal Nitch on a stormy day

Drawing by Roger Cooke. Courtesy of the Washington State Historical Society.

we got a Safe place for our Stores…and formed a Campment on Drift logs
nothing to eate but dried fish pounded which we brought from the falls.

William Clark

A dismal nitch