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The Expedition continues down the Columbia. They see large river bottoms, islands, Indian villages, and a hill with graves. They camp on a narrow beach below a basalt cliff presently named Little Cape Horn. The fleas are bothersome.

We came 27 Miles this day & encamped on the North side of the River, under a Clift of Rocks.

Joseph Whitehouse

Columbia River from Little Cape Horn, Washington

Sun shining on the wide river with high hills on the opposite shore

one of the Indians Spoke a fiew words of english
dried our bedding and Kill the flees

William Clark

Columbia River at Little Cape Horn, Washington

Large basalt cliff on opposite shore with trees in fall colors on an island

here the hills leave the river on the Lard. Side, a butifull open and extensive bottom....the bottoms have common rushes, nettles, & grass the Slashey parts have Bull rushes& flags—

William Clark

Columbia River slough

Bottomland on a Columbia River channel

we at length Landed at a place which by moveing the Stones we made a place Sufficently large for the party to lie leavil on the Smaller Stones Clear of the Tide

William Clark

Columbia River at Little Cape Horn, Washington

Narrow shore crowded with drift logs