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After a night made sleepless by noisy waterfowl, the Expedition heads down the Columbia. They pass a large village—Cathlapotle. The weather worsens, and by the time they reach camp near present Prescott, Oregon, they are cold and wet.

Seven canoes of Indians came out from this large village to view and trade with us, they appeared orderly and well disposed, they accompanied us a fiew miles and returned back.

William Clark

Cathlapotle Village

Painting of Chinooks in a canoe meeting the Corp in their dugouts

This painting is located on a store wall in Ridgefield, Washington.

We are all wet Cold and disagreeable, rain Continues & encreases
In my walk of to Day I saw 17 Striped Snakes I killed a grouse

William Clark

Columbia River at Prescott, Oregon

Small creek entering large river through a sand bar

The bottoms are large, covered with cotton wood, maple, and the like kinds of wood.

Patrick Gass

Columbia River wetlands near Prescott, Oregon

Fall foliage reflected in pond