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The Expedition canoes down the Columbia River which turns north in the area of present Portland, Oregon. A Chinook invites the Captains into his lodge, and they are introduced to the wapato bulb—a staple food.

opposite to our camp on a Small Sandy Island the brant & geese make Such a noise that it will be impossible for me to Sleap.

William Clark

Snow geese, Anser caerulescens

Numerous large white birds in a pond and starting to take flight

he…gave us a roundish roots about the Size of a Small Irish potato
dureing the time we were at dinner those fellows Stold my pipe Tomahawk

William Clark

Pipe tomahawk

Old tomahawk head with a pipe on one side and blade on the other

From the collection of Bud Clark.

here I landed and walked on Shore, about 3 miles a fine open Prarie for about 1 mile, back of which the countrey rises gradually and wood land comencies

William Clark

Vancouver Lake

Large lake on a dark and gray day in the fall

This root they call Wap-pa-to which the Bulb of the Chinese cultivate in great quantities called the Sa-git ti folia or common arrow head—.

William Clark

Wapato, Sagittaria latifolia

Small potato-like bulbs