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The day is cold as the crew completes the first slippery portage around the Cascades of the Columbia. After passing the canoes over the rocks, they must stop to repair three of them. Clark describes the Indians living in the area.

I Saw in those houses Several wooden Images all cut in imitation of men, but differently fasioned and placed in the most conspicious parts of the houses, probably as an orniment

William Clark

Clatsop plank house

Large statue of a human-like figure painted red

Photo taken at the Old Fort Stevens Historic Area in Fort Stevens State Park.

Sore and weak Eyes are common, maney have lost their Sight entirely
They have all flat heads in this quarter

William Clark

Wishram girl

Historic photo of Wishram girl in profile

Photo by Edward S. Curtis circa 1910.

we carried all our baggage past the portage....we then took down the rest of the canoes. got them all Safe below the big Shoote and Camped their on the Stard. Side.

John Ordway

The Rapids, Upper Cascades, Columbia River

Historic photo of large rapids going around a large rock

Photo by Carleton E. Watkins circa 1882.

Those at the last Village raise the beads [beds] about five feet from the earth—under which they Store their Provisions—

William Clark

Clatsop plank house

Two rows of bunks along the long wall of a house made of cedar planks

Photo taken at the Old Fort Stevens Historic Area in Fort Stevens State Park.

A middle size tree with a remarkable smooth bark which Scales off in the manner of the birch; & red berries in clusters. Columbia R. Novbr: 1st 1805.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Pacific madrone, Arbutus menziesii

Red bark peeling off of a bare, smooth trunk