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The men unload the canoes and take two of them through the Cascades of the Columbia—sometimes by water and sometimes by hauling them over large rocks on the shore. Gass finds it a 'most fatiguing business.'

from this rapid to the lower end of the portage the river is Crouded with rocks of various Sizes between which the water passes with great velociety creating in maney places large Waves...

William Clark

Cascades of the Columbia

Historic photo of rapids with large rocks

Photo by Carleton Watkins circa 1883.

A Cloudy rainey disagreeable morning

William Clark

Cascades of the Columbia River

Fishing platform on the Columbia River

We proceeded on with 2 of our Canoes on Rollers at a time; over high Rocks, by main strenghth hawling them all the way, which was about ½ Miles & passed two of the worst Rapids, & went about half a mile further below them, at which place we intend loading the Canoes again, making the whole of the Portage to be only about 1 Mile—

Joseph Whitehouse

Cascades of the Columbia

Historic painting of the Columbia River Cascades

Sketch by Henry Warre Salmon Packing. Above the Cascades, Columbia River. in 1845.

I walked through this Island which I found to be verry rich land, and had every appearance of haveing been at Some distant period Cultivated.

William Clark

Beacon Rock from Hamilton (Strawberry) Island

Large monolithic behind a grassy island

a remarkable high detached rock Stands about 800 feet high we call the Beaten rock.
water passing with great velocity forming & boiling in a most horriable manner

William Clark

Beacon Rock on the Columbia River

Rocky shores in front of a large black rock

A very handsome Species of Maple. On the great rapids of the Columbia. Octbr: 1805.

Meriwether Lewis

Vine maple, Acer circinatum

Vine maple leaves

>Photo ©2005 Walter Sigmund. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

Mountain Holly fr[om] the great Rapids of t[he] Columbia R. Octbr: 1805.

Meriwether Lewis

Dull Oregon grape, Mahonia nervosa

Low plant with serrated leaves

Photo ©2008 Walter Sigmund. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the GNU Free Documentation License.