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Just above the Cascades of the Columbia, the Expedition sees a forest inundated by a sudden rise in the water level. Clark scouts the rapids and makes plans for the portage around them. Lewis visits a nearby village.

cloudy. the river verry Strait and wide.

Joseph Whitehouse

Saw 4 Cascades caused by Small Streams falling from the mountains on the Lard. Side...

William Clark

Columbia River Gorge

Historic painting of a waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge

Painted in 1857 by James W. Alden.

a remarkable circumstance in this part of the river is, the Stumps of pine trees are in maney places are at Some distance in the river, and give every appearance of the rivers being damed up below from Some cause which I am not at this time acquanted with...

William Clark

Sunken forest

Historic photo of the tops of dead trees poking out of the river

Photo by G.K. Gilbert of the U.S. Geological Survey, 1899.

passed Several places where the rocks projected into the river & have the appearance of haveing Seperated from the mountains and fallen promiscuisly into the river, Small nitches are formed in the banks below those projecting rocks which is comon in this part of the river

William Clark

Oneonta Gorge

Historic photo of a small creek flowing through a very narrow gorge

Unknown photographer.

we call this little river New Timbered river from a Speces of Ash which grows on its banks of a verry large and different from any we had before Seen

William Clark

Oregon ash, Fraxinus latifolia

Small ash tree in spring

a timber resembling the beech in bark but different in its leaf which is Smaller and the tree smaller.

William Clark

Red alder, Alnus rubra

Decidious trees with whitish bark