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The Expedition canoes down a gentle section of the Columbia between present The Dalles, Oregon and the Little White Salmon River. They visit a 'friendly' village of Chilluckittequaw and are shown village weapons and possessions.

A cloudy morning wind from the West but not hard

William Clark

Mitchell Point (looking east)

Early fall morning on the Columbia River

Those people are friendly gave us to eate fish Beries, nuts bread of roots
the middle rock is large and has a number of graves on it we call it Sepulchar Island.

William Clark

Little White Salmon and Columbia River confluence

Wind-tossed waves on a stormy day

Photo by Lily E. White circa 1904.

at 4 miles lower we observed a Small river falling in with great rapidity on the Stard. Side below which is a village of 11 houses, here we landed to Smoke a pipe with the nativs and examine the mouth of the river, which I found to be 60 yards wide rapid and deep

William Clark

Klickitat River mouth

Historic photo of wide, shallow river flowing into the Columbia River

Photo by Sarah Hall Ladd circa 1904. Some modern items have been digitally obscured.

about 4 miles lower and below the Sand bar is a butifull cascade falling over a rock of about 100 feet

William Clark

Waterfall near Viento

Small, but tall, waterfall coming down between trees with fall foliage

Orter Skins are highly prised among those people as well as those on the river above, They Cue their hare which is divided on each Sholder, and also ware Small Strips about their necks with the tale hanging down in front.—

William Clark

River otter, Lontra canadensis

Jet black fur of a river otter

Those people gave us, High bush cram berries, bread made of roots, and roots; we purchased three dogs for the party to eate; we Smoked with the men, all muche pleased with the violin

William Clark

American cranberrybush, Viburnum trilobum

A clump of reddish cranberries

Photo ©2008 KENPEI. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.