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The Expedition leaves Fort Rock, but is soon held back by high winds near present Crates Point below The Dalles, Oregon. A Chinook canoe, designed to handle the high waves and wind, arrives with roots to sell.

we proceeded on river inclosed on each Side in high Clifts of about 90 feet of loose dark coloured rocks

William Clark

Columbia River cliffs near Lyle, Washington

Tall basalt cliffs on the Columbia River

rained hard the later part of last night. cleared up this morning

John Ordway

Rock Fort at The Dalles

Rocky plateau on a wet day

I entered one of the houses in which I Saw a British musket, a cutlash and Several brass Tea kittles
Saw them boiling fish in baskets with Stones

William Clark

Wishram Woman

Wishram Indian woman in full dress and basket on her back. She is standing on a large basalt rock and looking at the Columbia River

Photo by Edward S. Curtis circa 1911.

The wind which is the cause of our delay, does not retard the motions of those people at all, as their canoes are calculated to ride the highest waves, they are built of white cedar or Pine verry light wide in the middle and tapers at each end, with aperns, and heads of animals carved on the bow, which is generally raised.

William Clark

Above the Cascades of the Columbia

Historic photo of Chinook canoe with animal head sculpted in the bow

Photo by Edward S. Curtis circa 1910.