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At Fort Rock Camp, men are sent out to hunt or gather pine pitch to plug the leaky canoes. Two chiefs and 15 warriors cross the river to visit and share food. Clark enjoys fresh salmon cooked in bear oil. The fleas are bothersome.

We unloaded our Canoes, shaved their bottoms clean, payed them over with Pitch. We also put the loading that had got wet, in the Canoe Yesterday Out in order to dry.

Joseph Whitehouse

Dugout canoe

Front of a canoe carved from a log

Dugout built by Hog Heaven Muzzleloaders and maintained by Sacajawea State Park (Washington).

we lay campd. on the clift or pt. of rocks for Safety. 2 Sentinels to guard us.

Joseph Whitehouse

maney of our Stores entirely Spoiled by being repeetedly wet

William Clark

Rock Fort

Large basalt rocks

Saw great numbers of white Crains flying in Different directions verry high.

William Clark

Whooping crane, Grus americana

large, white birds with long legs and necks

Photo by U.S. Government.