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At The Dalles of the Columbia River, valuable items are carried past the Long Narrows and then the canoes are run down the rapids. They continue down the rapids and set up camp on a high basalt outcrop which they would call Fort Rock Camp.

I had men on the Shore with ropes to throw in in Case any acidence happened at the Whirl &c—    the Inds on the rocks veiwing us    the 3rd Canoe nearly filled with water    we got her Safe to Shore. The last Canoe Came over well which to me was truly gratifying

William Clark

Long Narrows

Painting of a dugout canoe shooting the rapids

Painting previously located in Southern Hills Mall, Sioux City, Iowa and created by by Split Rock Studios.

the River got Smooth.

Joseph Whitehouse

the river widens and becoms a butifull jentle Stream of about half a mile wide

William Clark

Columbia River below Rock Fort

Historic photo of Columbia River with large basalt cliffs on the opposite shore

Photo Carleton E. Watkins circa 1883.

This litle Creek heads in the range of mountains which run S S W & N W for a long distance on which is Scattering pine white Oake &c.

William Clark

Mill Creek

Small creek with fall colors

The Pinical of the round toped mountain which we Saw a Short distance below the forks of this river is S. 43° W. of us and abt 37 miles, it is at this time toped with Snow

William Clark

Mt. Hood as seen from the Long Narrows

Large river rushing through basalt cliffs

Photo by Ray Atkeson circa 1950. Some modern items have been digitally obscured.

we formed our Camp on the top of a high point of rocks, which forms a kind of fortification in the Point between the river & Creek, with a boat guard, this Situation we Concieve well Calculated for defence, and Conveniant to hunt under the foots of the mountain to the West, & S.W....

William Clark

Rock Fort

Large basalt rocks beside a river