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The Expedition moves a few miles down the Columbia to a Wishram village at the beginning of the Long Narrows. Clark scouts the rapids and returns to find Lewis engaged with the Chief. Cruzatte plays the fiddle and the men dance.

It may be proper here to remark that from Some obstruction below, the cause of which we have not yet learned, the water in high fluds (which are in the Spring) rise below these falls nearly to a leavel with the water above the falls; the marks of which can be plainly trac'd around the falls

William Clark

Entrance to the Long Narrows

Large alluvial plain of sand

Photo by Carleton Watkins in 1882.

our two old chiefs expressed a desire to return, Saying "that they Could be of no further Service to us

William Clark

we had went only 7 miles this day.

Joseph Whitehouse

Entrance to the Long Narrows

Historic painting of the the opening to the Long Narrows of the Columbia River

Sketch by Henry Warre 'Entrance to the Dalles, Columbia River' in 1845.

We loaded our Canoes & set out about 9 o'Clock A. M. on our Voyage; we found the current of the river running very rapid.    We proceeded on, and passed through a part of the River, which was confined in a narrow channel of about 20 Yards wide; having high rocks on each side of it, the Current very rapid, and a great many whirl pools.    Our Canoes went with very great rapidity through this place.

Joseph Whitehouse

Above the Long Narrows

Historic Photo of Columbia River moving in a very narrow channel created by huge basalt lava flows. Mt. Hood is in the distance

Photo by Carleton Watkins in 1882.

those houses are about the Same Shape Size and form 20 feet wide and 30 feet long with one Dore raised 18 Inches above ground, they are 29 inches high & 14 wide, forming in a half Circle above those houses were Sunk into the earth Six feet, the roofs of them was Supported by a ridge pole resting on three Strong pieces of Split timber thro' one of which the dore was cut that and the walls

William Clark

Wishram lodges

Painting of a dugout canoe paddling down the Columbia River

Painting previously located in Southern Hills Mall, Sioux City, Iowa and created by by Split Rock Studios.

On the Columbia

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Gray hoary aster, Dieteria canescens (prev. Machaeranthera canascens)

Flower with delicate blue petals and an orange center

Photo ©2005 Stan Shebs. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the GNU Free Documentation License.