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The Expedition heads down the Columbia to present John Day dam. They see cliffs and rapids formed of dark basalt rock. They notice the Indians have blue blanket cloth and a sailor's jacket. They drink beer made by Collins from camas.

We found near to our Camp, a handsome spring of water which ran from under some Clifts of rocks.

Joseph Whitehouse

Columbia River near present John Day Dam

Historic photo with sandy shores and cliffs on Columbia River

Photo by Albert Henry Barnes circa 1913 Courtesy Maryhill Museum of Art.

we Could not Cook brakfast for the want of wood
obliged to purchase wood at a high rate.

William Clark

Morning camp near Roosevelt, Washington

Barren hills with large basalt cliffs next to river

at 2 miles lower passed a rapid, large rocks Stringing into the river of large Size

William Clark

Columbia River

Historic photo of large black rock on the shore of the Columbia River

Photo by Lee Russell in September 1941. (altered)
Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Photograph Collection (Library of Congress).

These Natives were chiefly Cloathed with deer & Elk skins, which they dress into leather. They had also some Rabbit, & squirrel skins among them.— We also saw with them blue Cloth & blankets

Joseph Whitehouse

Deer hide, elk hide with hair, and blue blanket

White deer hide on an elk hide and navy blue blanket

Those people recived us with great kindness, and examined us with much attention, their employments custom Dress and appearance Similar to those above...

William Clark

Klickitat man

Historic photo of Klickitat Indian

Photo by Benjamin Gifford circa 1900.