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On a frosty morning, the Expedition continues down the Columbia River. They find the river smooth and the hills barren. They notice the Indians have copper kettles. After 46 miles, they camp near present Roosevelt, Washington.

The Star Side is high rugid hills, the Lard. Side a low plain and not a tree to be Seen in any Direction except a fiew Small willow bushes which are Scattered partially on the Sides of the bank

William Clark

Columbia River near Roosevelt, Washington

Rocky banks along the Columbia Rive

a clear frosty morning. we Set out eairly.

Joseph Whitehouse

we also Saw the Skeletons of Several Horses at the vault

William Clark

Columbia River viewed from Crow Butte

High, bare, and brown hill next to a narrower Columbia River. Low plains on the opposite shore

We saw this day among the Natives, some Acorns, which they roasted & Eat

Joseph Whitehouse

Roasted acorns

A bowl of dark roasted acorns

I Saw a great number of pelicons on the wing

William Clark

American white pelican, Pelecanus erythrorhynchos

Large, white bird in flight

Photo ©2010 Alan Vernon. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.