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After a brief meeting with the Walla Walla, the Expedition canoes through the Wallula Gap. Clark climbs above the river and sees Mt. Hood. The Umatilla hide from the Expedition until they see Sacagawea and her baby, Jean-Baptiste.

This Tribe can raise about 350 men    their Dress are Similar to those at the fork except their robes are Smaller and do not reach lower than the waste and ¾ of them have Scercely any robes at all... they are all employed in fishing and drying fish of which they have great quantites on their Scaffolds, their habits customs &c. I could not lern

William Clark

Umatilla child

Young girl in buckskin dress with fancy beadwork

Photo by Edward Curtis circa 1910.

This morning was clear & cold

Joseph Whitehouse

Twin Sisters Butte, Wallula Gap, and the Columbia River

Two basalt pillars overlooking the Columbia River

we discovred a verry high round mountain a long distance down the River which appears to have Snow on the top of it.

John Ordway

Mt. Adams

Large, snowy peak

Photo in public domain (altered).

In the whole country around there are only level plains, except a few hills on some parts of the river.

Patrick Gass

Umatilla plains

Large, wide, and brown plain with no trees and grazed vegetation

we gave to the principal man a String of wompon treated them kindly for which they appeared greatfull

William Clark

Umatilla man

Indian brave with breastplate of wampum

Photo by Lee Moorhouse circa 1900.

two of our Party Peter Crusat & Gibson played on the violin

William Clark

we passd. over Several [rapids] today but no excident hapened.

Joseph Whitehouse

Columbia River in Wallula Gap

Blue river with steep, brown hills on opposite shore