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The Captains complete their navigational measurements and recording of Indian words, and the Expedition heads down the Columbia in the afternoon. They reach present Wallula Gap, and camp across from Yellepit's village.

formed a Camp on the lard Side under a high hill nearly opposit to five Lodges of Indians...

William Clark

Twin Sisters and Wallula Gap

Historic photo of Twin Sisters and the Columbia River before McNary Dam flooded the area

Photographer unknown. Some modern items have been digitally obscured.

This morning Cool and fare wind from the S. E.

William Clark

Snake and Columbia Rivers

Teepee poles in the early morning light

Saw the Sammon thick jumping in the river Some dead in the R. and along the Shore.

Joseph Whitehouse

at 4 OClock we set out down the Great Columbia

William Clark

Wallula Gap

Large, smooth river with a small gap between two cliffs

the country in general Smooth plains for about 10 miles down then the barron hills make close to the River on each Side

John Ordway

Rabbitbrush on the Columbia River plain

Yellow rabbitbrush blooming on the plain

at the Commencement of this high Countrey on Lard Side a Small riverlet falls in which appears to passed under the high County in its whole cose

William Clark

Walla Walla River delta

Sagebrush and large basalt rocks at the top of a steep hill

the Countrey rises here about 200 feet above The water and is bordered with black rugid rocks

William Clark

Wallula Gap

agebrush and large basalt rocks at the top of a steep hil