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While they dry cargo and hunt, Captain Lewis climbs up the hill side and sees the Blue Mountains. The Expedition then continues 20 miles down the Snake River through several rapids and around 11 islands. They camp at Fishhook Rapids.

Sent out hunters to hunt in the plains, about 10 oClock they returned and informed that they could not See any Signs of game of any kind

William Clark

Plains above Burr Canyon

Brown plains above a large river

a clear cool morning. we delayed here to dry the baggage.
Set out and proceeded on over Several rapids and Swift water.

Joseph Whitehouse

Snake River at Burr Canyon

Sage brush, blue river, and dark cliff

Capt Lewis walked on the plains and informs that he could plainly See a rainge of mountains which bore S. E. & N. W. The plaines on each Side is wavering.

William Clark

Above the Snake River Canyon

Brown hills above a river canyon

passed thro: narrows for 3 miles where the Clifts of rocks juted to the river on each Side compressing the water of the river through a narrow chanel; below which it widens into a kind of bason nearly round without any proceptiable current, at the lower part of this bason is a bad dificuelt and dangerous rapid to pass...

William Clark

Snake River

Dark cliffs lining the Snake River

in the evening the countrey becomes lower not exceding 90 or 100 feet above the water and back is a wavering Plain on each Side...

William Clark

Snake River at Lost Island Habitat Management Unit

Fall desert colors and a smooth river