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On the Snake River, a canoe strikes a rock and is swamped. Several articles including two of the men's shot pouches are lost. They stop on an island near present Burr Canyon to dry out. There, they burn split timbers stored by the Indians.

A Clear cold morning, the Wind blowing hard from the Westward

Joseph Whitehouse

Snake River near Ayer, Washington

Choppy river and brown barren hills

The Canoe filed and Sunk a number of articles floated out
we got the men an Canoe to shore with the Loss of Some bedding Tomahaws Shot pouches Skins Clothes &c &c.

William Clark

Snake River

Sketch of the Snake River rapids before dams

Sketch by Henry Warre, 1845. Sandstone and basaltic rocks on the Snake River.

at 2 ½ miles passed a remarkable rock verry large and resembling the hill of a Ship Situated on a Lard point

William Clark

Monumental Rock

Large basalt rock that looks like an oncoming hull of a ship

passed a long bad rapid on which 3 Canoes Struck with 2 rocky Islands in it off the Lard. Point at 3 miles, a cave in which the Indians have lived below on the Stard. Side

William Clark

Snake River Caves

Two caves in a basalt cliff

In this Island we found some Spilt [Split] timber the parts of a house which the Indians had verry Securely covered with Stone, we also observed a place where the Indians had buried there fish, we have made it a point at all times not to take any thing belonging to the Indians even their wood. but at this time we are Compelled to violate that rule and take a part of the Split timber we find here bured for fire wood, as no other is to be found in any direction. our Small canoe which was a head returned at night with 2 ores which they found floating below.

William Clark

Snake River above Pine Tree Rapids

Aerial photo of two islands in the Snake River

Photo provided by the Corps of Army Engineers.

for the first time in for three weeks past I had a good dinner of Blue wing Teel...

William Clark

Blue-winged teal, Anas discors

Colorful duck with blue bill and tail feathers

Photo by Alan D. Wilson, www.naturespicsonline.com
Permission via the Creative Commons ShareAlike License.