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As they canoe down the lower Snake River rapids, the men see Nez Perce sweat houses and burial sites. They purchase fish and dogs at two different villages. The hills are barren, and firewood becomes scarce.

This morning clear & pleasant weather.

Joseph Whitehouse

The after part of the day the wind from the S. W. and hard. The day worm.

William Clark

Snake River near Lewiston

Historic photo of a dugout canoe with Lewis and Clark re-enactors

Photo courtesy of Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 1064.

at 15 miles halted at an Indian Lodge, to purchase provisions

William Clark

Saw among them Some peace of fish net which they must have come from white people.

Joseph Whitehouse

Snake River above Almota

Grassy sand dune in front of Snake River

The bed and shores of the river are very stony; and the stones of a round smooth kind.

Patrick Gass

Rocky bed

Shallow rocky river and rapids

passed a rapid at two miles, at 6 miles we came too at Some Indian lodges and took brackfast, we purchased all the fish we could and Seven dogs of those people for Stores of Provisions down the river. at this place I saw a curious Swet house under ground, with a Small whole at top to pass in or throw in the hot Stones, which those in threw on as much water as to create the temporature of heat they wished

William Clark

passed Several more fishing camps, where they have the Stone piled up in roes, So as to gig the Sammon at the Sides of the rocks &C.

John Ordway

Nez Perce fish weir on Lapwai Creek

Historic photo of a small basket style fish wier

Photo courtesy of Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 1890.

The Country on either Side is an open plain leavel & fertile after assending a Steep assent of about 200 feet not a tree of any kind to be Seen on the river

William Clark

Snake River near Silcott

High, barren hills and choppy Snake River

The Land at this place is a poor Barren, & on each side of the River lies high hills, & Clifts of rocks, and not a tree of any kind is to be seen, & a few willows are only to be seen in places along the Shore.

Joseph Whitehouse

Snake River below Almota

High, barren hills and choppy Snake River

no timber.    we can Scarsely git wood enofe to cook a little victules    a fiew willows in places along the Shores.

John Ordway

Sandbar willow, Salix exigua

Willow growing on sandy Snake River shore