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The Expedition stops on a beach below the Potlatch River to dry cargo and repair the canoe damaged in yesterday's accident. Old Toby, the Lemhi Shoshone guide, leaves suddenly. The men witness a Nez Perce woman's spiritual ceremony.

The morning Cool as usial the greater part of the day proved to be Cloudy, which was unfavourable for drying our things &c. which got we[t] yesterday.

William Clark

Early morning on the Clearwater River

sandy shores on a dark, cloudy morning

the River hills are high and continue barron on each Side.

Joseph Whitehouse

Capt Lewis recovring fast.

William Clark

Clearwater River at Arrow Beach

Brown hills rising across a small river

In examoning our canoe found that by putting Knees & Strong peces pines [EC: pinned] to her Sides and bottom &c. She Could be made fit for Service in by the time the goods dried, Set 4 men to work at her, Serjt. Pryor & Gass, Jo Fields & Gibson, others to Collect rosin, at 1 oClock She was finished Stronger than ever

William Clark

Pitch on a ponderosa pine tree

Large and small chunks of dark yellow pitch

in the evening Some of our party fiddled and danced, which pleased the natives verry much.

John Ordway

Clearwater River sunset

Sun setting across a small river