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As work continues at Canoe Camp on the Clearwater River, the hunters are unable to find any game. Dried salmon and roots are purchased from the Nez Perce. A fat dog is eaten. Captain Lewis is still sick, but able to walk about a little.

From the journals...

the party continued working on the Canoes; some of them are ready to be finished

Joseph Whitehouse

Canoe Camp

Historical painting of men carving out a dugout canoe

Mural by Roger Cooke displayed at the Weippe Discovery Center, Weippe, Idaho.

a fair morning.

Joseph Whitehouse

Canoe Camp

Sunrise on the Clearwater River

two men out a hunting

Joseph Whitehouse

Capt Lewis Still Sick but able to walk about a little.

William Clark

Sunrise above Canoe Camp

Sunrise over Clearwater canyon