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At Canoe Camp on the Clearwater River in present Idaho, the men continue to hollow out the logs to make canoes. The party complains about the effects of eating dried salmon and camas bread. The Captains purchase a horse for food.

I walked out with my gun on the hills which is verry Steep & high could kill nothing.

William Clark

Clearwater River canyon above Canoe Camp

Steep hills of Clearwater River canyon

day excesively hot in the river bottom

William Clark

we continued our work as usal at the canoes.

Joseph Whitehouse

Dugout canoe

Freshly burned dugout canoe

some of our hunters were sent out go into the Hills a hunting. Towards evening those hunters returned & had killed nothing but a Priari wolf, which was eat by our party.

Joseph Whitehouse

Coyote, Canis latrans

Portrait of a coyote looking back

Photo ©2007 Math Knoth. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.

To the Indians who visited us yesterday I gave divided my Handkerchief between 5 of them, with a Small piece of tobacco & a pece of riebin & to the principal men each a ring & brooch.

William Clark

Tobacco and handkerchief

Twisted tobacco and calico handkerchief