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While making canoes from Ponderosa pine near present Orofino, Idaho, the men find that fire hollows the logs quicker than chopping. The Captains unpack and dry their clothes. The steady diet of dried salmon is not well received.

built fires on Several of the canoes to burn them out
found that they burned verry well

Joseph Whitehouse

Dugout canoe

Burned-out dugout canoe

a clear pleasant morning.

John Ordway

Canoe camp, Orofino, Idaho

Morning light on a blue sky and clear river

had Examined and dried all our clothes and other articles and laid out a Small assortment of Such articles as those Indians were fond of to trade with them for Some provisions (they are remarkably fond of Beeds)

William Clark

Assorted trade goods

Beads, copper sheets, iron arrow heads, vermillion, and other trade goods

nothin to eate except a little dried fish which they men complain of as working of them as as much as a dost of salts.

William Clark

Dried Salmon

Salmon split onto two sticks and dried

This display is at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, Illwaco, Washington.

On the Kooskooskee On River bottoms in rich land, west of the mountains. Octbr: 1st 1805.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Ponderosa pine, Pinus ponderosa

Immature green cones and long green pine needles