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As the men's health returns, they are better able to work on the new canoes that will be used to reach the Pacific Ocean. The days continue to be warm. Two of the hunters bring in 3 deer, a welcome change from roots and salmon.

From the journals...

all hands who were able to work are employed at the Canoes.

Joseph Whitehouse

Dugout canoe

Close-up of a freshly hewn front of a dugout canoe

only two who went out to hunt.
the natives caught a nomber of Sammon which they Sold us.

Joseph Whitehouse

Above Canoe Camp

Deep canyon, trees,and brown hills

Two of our hunters were sent out hunting, About noon the hunters returned to our Camp, with 3 Deer which they had killed.

Joseph Whitehouse

Mule deer, Odocoileus hemionus

Mule deer buck staring at the camera