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Below present Orofino, Idaho, work on the canoes begins but most of the men are too sick to work or hunt. Colter returns with one of the horses that had been lost while traveling over the Lolo trail.

hot day— men Sick

William Clark

the party divided in five parties and went at falling five pitch pine trees for canoes

Joseph Whitehouse

Canoe Camp

large ponderosa tree with river in background

the party divided into five differeent parties and went at falling five pitch pine trees for 5 canoes, all near our Encampment.

John Ordway

Whip saw

Saw with large teeth and a handle on each end

Saw from John Fisher's personal collection.

The river below the fork is about 200 yards wide; the water is clear as crystal, from 2 to 5 feet deep, and abounding with salmon of an excellent quality. The bottom of the river is stony and the banks chiefly composed of a round hard species of stone.

Patrick Gass

Clearwater River at Canoe Camp

Colter returned and found one horse & the Canister of Shot left in the mountains he also killed a Deer ½ of which he brought

William Clark

Grazing horse

Horse grazing in the mountains

Photo ©2010 by Gene Eastman.

Erigon compositum Kooskoosky.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Cut-leaved daisy, Erigeron compositus

Flowers with with petals and large yellow centers

Photo ©2008 Walter Sigmund. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the GNU Free Documentation License.