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The Expedition moves down to the Clearwater River near present Orofino, Idaho. The day is hot, and several men are so sick they must lie on the side of the trail. Lewis can barely ride a horse. The hunters kill 4 deer.

The land on both sides of this fork is hilly, and is thinly covered with Pine Trees, but none of them large enough to make Canoes

Joseph Whitehouse

Clearwater River above China Island

Clearwater River with steep hills and small pine trees

we went out eairly a hunting our horses, which were Scatered all over the plain.

Joseph Whitehouse

maney Indians & thier gangues of horses follow us

William Clark

Appaloosa horse at Weippe

Appaloosa horse in grazed-over field

A Clear pleasant Morning

Joseph Whitehouse

Weippe prairie

Golden grass, early morning sun

at 10 oClock we all Set out for the river and proceeded on by the Same rout I had previously traveled

William Clark

Clearwater River canyon

Looking down a canyon from tall, brown hills

At the foot of this Island lay a bad rapid, which the Natives informed us, is the last bad rapid in this fork of Columbia River.

Joseph Whitehouse

China Island

Rocky shore and Clearwater River at low water

In the valley there are great quantities of service-berry bushes.

Patrick Gass

Serviceberries, Amelanchier alnifolia

Wrinkly, purple berries on a large bush

Photo ©2006 Meggar. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the GNU Free Documentation License.