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After delaying to look for horses, Lewis continues. In a meadow, they meet Reubin Field bringing food. They and their horses eat before continuing to the Nez Perce villages at Weippe. Clark travels with Twisted Hair to the same villages.

the pleasure I now felt in having tryumphed over the rocky Mountains and decending once more to a level and fertile country where there was every rational hope of finding a comfortable subsistence for myself and party can be more readily conceived than expressed, nor was the flattering prospect of the final success of the expedition less pleasuing.

Meriwether Lewis

Weippe Prairie

Painting of Clark greeting Lewis at a Nez Perce village in Weipp

Painting previously located in Southern Hills Mall, Sioux City, Iowa and created by by Split Rock Studios.

I divided the fish roots and buries

Meriwether Lewis

I got the Twisted hare to draw the river from his Camp

William Clark

William Clark and Walamottinin (Chief Twisted Hair)

Statue of William Clark and Walamottinin (Chief Twisted Hair)

This morning clear & pleasant, with a small white frost.

Joseph Whitehouse

Pheasant Camp

Brown prairie, blue creek, blue sky, and green forest

we ascended a mountain, & went on some distance, & came to a smooth level clear place, where there was a clear run of water—. At this run, we were met with by Robert Fields, (one of the party that had went with Captain Clark,) and who Captain Clark had sent back to meet our party; this Man brought with him some Salmon, & other kinds of food, which they had purchased from some Indians

Joseph Whitehouse

Crane Meadow

Small, long meadow in a thick forest

Photo ©2005 by Gene Eastman. Some modern items have been digitally obscured.

We proceeded on, and crossed a Mountain; & descended down into a handsome smooth Valley;

Joseph Whitehouse

View from Brown Ridge

Tan and brown prairie with thick forest on the other side

this young horse in fright threw himself & me 3 times on the Side of a Steep hill & hurt my hip much, Cought a Coalt which we found on the roade & I rode it for Several miles untill we saw the Chiefs horses, he cought one & we arrived at his Village at Sunet

William Clark

Clearwater Canyon

Deep narrow canyon with Ponderosa pine with golden cast of sunset