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Clark sends Reubin Field and a Nez Perce with food for Lewis who is bringing the main party and cargo over the Lolo trail. Clark then descends high hills to the Clearwater River arriving very late at Chief Twisted Hair's fishing camp.

a fine morning Sent out all the hunters early in different directions

William Clark

a clear pleasant morning. we went out eairly to hunt up our horses

Joseph Whitehouse

Morning near Full Stomach Camp

Morning light on scattered, thin trees in an open brushy area

through the level wide and heavy timbered bottom of this creek we proceeded

Meriwether Lewis

Eldorado Creek

Small creek and very large cedar trees

we passed a broken country heavily timbered great quantities of which had fallen and so obstructed our road that it was almost impracticable to proceed in many places.

Meriwether Lewis

Lolo Trail east of Lolo Creek

Forest with fallen trees scattered throughout

In the afternoon we descended down a hill, & came to the forks of a creek, where the Creek got to be large.

Joseph Whitehouse

Lolo Creek near the mouth of Eldorado Creek

Large creek during a rain squall

we struck a large creek at the forks, passed the Northen branch and continued down it on the West side 1 mile and encamped in a small open bottom where there was tolerable food for our horses.

Meriwether Lewis

Pheasant Camp

the Arborvita increases in quantity and size. I saw several sticks today large enough to form eligant perogues of at least 45 feet in length.

Meriwether Lewis

Cedar trees, Thuja plicata

Two very large cedar trees

Photo ©2010 by Gene Eastman.

a fine morning

William Clark

Sunrise at Musselshell Meadow

Sunrise at a prairie near Weippe

decended a Steep ruged hill verry long to a Small river which comes from our left and I suppose it to be [blank] River    passed down the river 2 miles on a Steep hill side

William Clark

Clearwater River canyon

Clearwater River canyon on route from Weippe to Twisted Hair's camp

the river hills are verry high & Steep, Small bottoms to this little river which is Flat head & is 160 yards wide and Sholey This river is the one we killed the first Coalt on near a fishing were

William Clark

Clearwater River at Twisted Hair's camp

my guide called to the Chief who was Encamped with 2 others on a Small island in the river, he Soon joind me, I found him a Chearfull man with apparant Siencerity, I gave him a medal &c. and Smoked untill 1 oClock a. m. and went to Sleep.

William Clark

China Island

Rocky shores on a bend in a forest river