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Clark leads a small party to scout ahead and to find game. Lewis is detained when Willard loses his horse. They manage to make 18 miles on the Lolo trail. For supper, they eat a stew of candles, bear oil, portable soup, and horse meat.

we dined & suped on a skant proportion of portable soupe, a few canesters of which, a little bears oil and about 20 lbs. of candles form our stock of provision

Meriwether Lewis

Portable soup

Small tin with full of what looks like bullion

we dined & suped on a skant proportion of portable soupe

Meriwether Lewis

the mountains appear a head as fer as we can See.

Joseph Whitehouse

Lolo Trail view

Small fir trees covered in snow, large mountains in background

a clear pleasant morning.

John Ordway

Morning at the Smoking Place

Bald, snowy ridge in the morning light

Cap Clark set out this morning to go a head with six hunters. there being no game in these mountains we concluded it would be better for one of us to take the hunters and hurry on to the leavel country a head and there hunt and provide some provision while the other remained with and brought on the party

Meriwether Lewis

Leaving Indian Grave Meadow

The Mountains appear a head of us as far as we can see & continue much further than we expected.—

Joseph Whitehouse

Lolo Trail

Clouds and snow on a mountain ridge

About 12 we passed a part where the snow was off, and no appearance that much had lately fallen.

Patrick Gass

Bald Mountain

Grassy hill in a mountain range

we marched 18 miles this day and encamped on the side of a steep mountain; we suffered for water this day passing one rivulet only; we wer fortunate in finding water in a steep raviene about ½ maile from our camp.

Meriwether Lewis

Dry Camp

Small clearing in a forest

Photo copyright ©2010 by Gene Eastman.

from the top of a high part of the mountain at 20 miles I had a view of an emence Plain and leavel Countrey to the S W. & West at a great distance

William Clark

View of prairie from Noseeum Ridge

Mountain views with a small prairie in the distance

made 32 miles and Encamped on a bold running Creek passing to the left which I call Hungery Creek as at that place we had nothing to eate.

William Clark

Hungery Creek

Mountain creek with boulders and steep hills on the side