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The snows falling from the sky and tree branches continue to wet the Expedition members as they travel on the Lolo trail in the Bitterroot mountains. They camp in a meadow below Indian Grave Peak. Another horse is used for food.

We ascended some very high mountains, & very rockey paths & many bare places on the Mountains & high Rocks Standing upright on them.

Joseph Whitehouse

High rock on the Lolo Trail

Large snowy rock jutting out over steep mountain slope

the falling Snow & Snow from the trees which kept us wet all the after noon

William Clark

we expect that their is game near a head.

Joseph Whitehouse

Lolo Trail Ridge

Snowy day in a thick forest

passed over Several high ruged Knobs and Several dreans & Springs passing to the right, & passing on the ridge devideing the waters of two Small rivers.

William Clark

Indian Grave Peak

steep hilltop covered with snow

Snow on the Knobs, no Snow in the vallies

William Clark

Lolo Trail view

Large mountain valleys with snow at higher elevations

the afternoon clear and pleasant & warm. the Snow melted fast. the water Stood in the trail over our mockns

John Ordway

Lolo Trail near the Smoking Place

Early monrning light on rocky, snow-covered slope

Killed a fiew Pheasents which was not Sufficient for our Supper which compelled us to kill Something. a coalt being the most useless part of our Stock he fell a Prey to our appetites.

William Clark

Female spruce grouse, Falcipennis canadensis

Tan, grey, and brown bird about the size of a chicken

we Encamped on the top of a high Knob of the mountain at a run passing to the left.

William Clark

Grave Creek Meadow

Snowy meadow and forest with a fallen tree in the foreground