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Heavy snows obscure the Lolo trail and wet the men as they brush the overhanging snow from the trees. Clark sets out ahead to make warming fires at their evening camp in a small cove. No game is found, so another horse is killed for meat.

began to Snow about 3 hours before Day
men all wet cold and hungary.

William Clark

Near Snowbank Camp

snowy level spot in a thick forest

The snow fell so thick, and the day was so dark, that a person could not see to a distance of 200 yards.

Patrick Gass

Lolo Trail near Papoose Ridge

Early fall snow falling on the side of a mountain forest

it appeared as if we have been in the clouds all this day.

John Ordway

Lolo Trail near Papoose Ridge

Clouds hugging a mountain ridge during a snowstorm

when we a woke this morning to our great Surprize we were covred with Snow, which had fell about 2 Inches deep the later part of last night, & continues a cold Snowey morning.

John Ordway

Lolo Trail snow storm

I walked in front to keep the road and found great dificuelty in keeping it as in maney places the Snow had entirely filled up the track, and obliged me to hunt Several minits for the track

William Clark

Old trail near Snowbank Camp

Old road covered in snow

Steep hills Side & falling timber Continue to day, and a thickly timbered Countrey of 8 different kinds of pine, which are So covered with Snow, that in passing thro them we are continually covered with Snow, I have been wet and as cold in every part as I ever was in my life, indeed I was at one time fearfull my feet would freeze in the thin mockersons which I wore

William Clark

Downed trees on the Lolo Trail

Snowy day in a thick forest

Photo by Jo Ann Townsend on October 24, 2010.

I saw 4 Black tail Deer to day before we Set out which came up the mountain and what is Singular Snaped 7 tims at a large buck. it is Singular as my gun has a Steel frisen and never Snaped 7 times before    in examining her found the flint loose

William Clark

Rifle flint

Flint in a flintlock rifle

This flintlock gun was on display at the Great Falls Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Great Falls, Montana.

halted and built fires for the party agains their arrival which was at Dusk verry cold and much fatigued we Encamped at this Branch in a thickly timbered bottom which was Scercely large enough for us to lie leavil, men all wet cold and hungary.

William Clark

Meadows near 'Lonesome Cove' on the Lolo Trail

Brushy clearing on a cold, rainy fall day

towards evening we descended a Mountain down in to a deep cove where we Camped on a small creek in a thicket of Spruce pine and balsom fer timber.

John Ordway

Creek running though Lonesome Cove [video]