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The morning is frosty when the Expedition departs. The trail up Lolo Creek winds up, down, and along the sides of steep, forested hills. Some of the party do not arrive at camp until 10:00pm. There is little food for them or their horses.

From the journals...

The road through this hilley Countrey is verry bad passing over hills & thro' Steep hollows, over falling timber &c. &c. continued on & passed Some most intolerable road on the Sides of the Steep Stoney mountains

William Clark

Lolo Trail near Grave Creek

Steep, brushy hill with Ponderosa pines

The road through this hilley Countrey is verry bad

William Clark

Scarsely any feed for our horses.

Joseph Whitehouse

Lolo Trail near Howard Creek

Steep, dry hill with sparse Ponderosa pines and brush

on this roade & particularly on this Creek the Indians have pealed a number of Pine for the under bark which they eate at certain Season of the year, I am told in the Spring they make use of his bark

William Clark

Culturally scarred tree

Ponderosa pine with long vertical strip of bark removed