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The Expedition spends most the day rounding up their horses. At 4pm, they follow a good Indian trail up Lolo Creek for 7 miles and encamp. Along the way, they see several scarred trees the Indians stripped to eat the inner bark.

a beautiful pleasant morning.

Joseph Whitehouse

Morning at Travelers' Rest

Golden morning light on green trees and a shallow, clear creek

we Set out at 3 oClock and proceeded on up the Travelers rest Creek
The day Verry worm

William Clark

Lolo Creek

Two large Ponderosa pines leaning over a shallow mountain stream

hills on the right high & ruged, the mountains on the left high & Covered with Snow.

William Clark

Lolo Peak

Large, snowy mountain behind a green hill

We found the Wild or Choke Cherries plenty at this place.—

Joseph Whitehouse

Choke cherry, Prunus virginiana

Large clump of ripe choke cherries