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The horses rest at Travelers' Rest near present Lolo, Montana. While out hunting, Colter meets three Nez Perce and learns that their homeland has a navigable river that leads to the Pacific Ocean and that it is only six days away.

We found an immense quantities of these berries, which the Natives had lately gathered for food on their way to the Mesouri

Joseph Whitehouse

Choke cherry, Prunus virginiana

Small, round black cherries hanging from a branch

we gave them a ring fish hook & tied a pece of ribin in the hare of each

William Clark

one stayed to pilot us over the mout. So we go the road he knows.

Joseph Whitehouse

A Flathead Chief

Salish Man

Photo by Edward S. Curtis circa 1911.

we found along this Creek, considerable quantity of Cotton wood timber

Joseph Whitehouse

Lolo Creek at Travelers' Rest

Small creek with clear water