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The Expedition continues north through the broad Bitterroot valley with the snow-capped Bitterroot mountains to the west and the mostly barren Sapphire mountains to the east. The weather continues to be cloudy and cold.

we Set out eairly and proceeded on down this creek which is now verry large.

John Ordway

Bitterroot River near Florence, Montana

Early morning light on a smooth river

a hard rain all the evening we are all Cold and wet.

William Clark

our hunters all joined us one of them had killed a Deer

Joseph Whitehouse

Bitterroot Mountains near Hamilton, Montana

Rain clouds and mountains with some snow

on this part of the river on the head of Clarks River I observe great quantities of a peculiar Sort of Prickly peare...

William Clark

Brittle prickly pear, Opuntia fragili

Several small green bulbs with 2 inch thorns

...with Strong Thorns which is So birded as to draw the Pear from the Cluster after penetrateing our feet

William Clark

Brittle prickly pear, Opuntia fragili

Small green bulbs with 2 inch spikes